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  Rehabilitation Programs:


    * Assist with loans up to $150,000. at a 1% interest rate to rehabilitate or replace those housing units that need this assistance. Elders age 62 years and older receive this assistance in the form of a grant.


   * Assist with technical assistance and materials to perform renovation rehabilitation, and/or new construction of primary residence. Not to exceed $45,000. First come, first served. For elders 62 and older, assistance is an Elder Grant. For those 61 and younger, assistance is in the form of a loan at 1% interest. member must own the home.

                Elder Emergency Assistance

     * This program assists tribal Elders 62 and older with health and safety improvement services of up to $4,999.

 Rental Programs:

                        Low Rent

    * This program offers low-income tribal members rental units owned by the YIHA and rent is based on 30% of adjusted gross income. Must be willing and able to fulfill obligations of a renter. Background, credit and reference checks.

                Student Rental Assistance

     * Purpose is to allow applicants the choices and opportunities that would not be available without housing assistance while attending school. Student must maintain a 2.5 GPA, YIHA will assist for up to 4 years.


 Home Ownership Programs:

                       Mutual Help Home Ownership

     * Gives "lower income" applicants the opportunity to achieve home ownership. In return the homebuyer shall make a contribution to the project, make monthly payments based on income, provide home maintenance and satisfy all other program requirements. Development not to exceed the TDC's , 1% interest rate, maintenance fund,  administrative charge, and complete the Homebuyer's Education Class  prior to assistance. Must be willing and able to fulfill obligations as a homeowner. Extensive background and credit checks.

               Down Payment Assistance

     * Lenders will work directly with applicant and YIHA to determine purchase price range. Applicant is responsible for searching and selecting a home to build or purchase within the service area. First come , first served. Must qualify for a first mortgage loan,  20%- 25% down not to exceed $50,000 and up to $5,000 in closing costs - not to exceed the TDC, and complete Homebuyer Education Class prior to assistance.


                          Homebuyer Education Course

     * In order to receive a Homebuyer Education Certificate, please review the Pathways Home Curriculum and complete all Module Quizzes. You can submit your completed Module Quizzes to YIHA by email, fax, mail or hand delivery. A certificate will be issued upon completion. If you have any questions regarding the Homebuyer Education Course, please contact Program Operations Staff.


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   *Assist households in making energy efficiency upgrades to their homes. Not to exceed $20,000.



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